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I Just Had A Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade

A myT1Dteam Member asked a question 💭

I looked it up and it was 4 carbs
It has raised my blood sugar considerably
Anyone else experience this?

posted June 13
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A myT1Dteam Member

15 and 16 year old kids preparing that food and serving it. I went to burger King years ago and got a whopper with a small diet coke. The coke tasted off, but drank anyway. Few minutes later my meter couldn't read that high and I spent the entire day lowering my sugar.

posted June 15
A myT1Dteam Member

Yeah. It's a great little tool. I love it!

posted June 20
A myT1Dteam Member

All of the flavored syrups at Sonic have sugar. Even the "diet" cherry limeade. And remember, one serving is 8 oz (a small at Sonic is 14 oz), so you must multiply that by the size of your cup. The Calorie King app is the best I have found for fast food carbs.

posted June 19
A myT1Dteam Member

I agree, unless you know its diet for sure, it all up in the air. Sonic is one of those places where you have no idea what was put in that cup. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to sonic. I prefer to get my own drinks, where I know it’s sugar free. 😎

posted June 13
A myT1Dteam Member

It's made me so angry when they do this. I just it happen this past Friday. Funnily enough, it was also at Burger King. I did battle with my blood sugar for hours.
I know, in my case, it's probably due to fat person discrimination. They think, "Sure, Chubs McGee, I'll getcha a diet soda. Hahahaha!"

posted June 16

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